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About Us


We have a team of highly qualified professionals applying latest break through technology in the development of diagnostics products.

Accobiotech will soon emerge with new product range developed jointly between Korea-Malaysia Technologists who are proactive and have high enthusiasm. This trait has been demonstrated when the team developed effective diagnostic kits for the recent H1N1 Pandemic.

Our diagnostic kits have been proven for it’s high precision & reliability and is used by Healthcare professionals in Hospitals, Clinics and Diagnostics centres worldwide. Accobiotech’s current focus is on development of fast, reliable & cost effective rapid diagnostics kits for infectious diseases, cardiology, oncology, Drug abuse tests & Women’s health.

AccoBiotech has been involved in the distribution of rapid diagnostic kits for over 3 years AccoBiotech. In our current phase we are embarking on a project with Korean Technologists to manufacture the kits in Malaysia.

Leveraging on Malaysia as a “Halal Hub’ and with all required certifications in place we are seeking suitable distribution partners in every country.

Our products have been developed based on international standards and we have always maintain very high quality and specificity.

We have already sucessfully delivered several batches of kits based on contract manufacturing. We have very committed personnel who all share the same vision and are committed to give their very best.

Our Mission

Our mission is to design, develop and market new patented technologies in the medical device field.

The technologies will fill market niches and will fill a

current need in medical procedure by improving upon an existing technology or device or by procedure or by designing a device to serve a need that is clearly defined and acknowledged by medical professionals.

Each product shall be priced to appeal to a managed-care market that stresses lowest cost of total treatment parameters. The identified new products are TB, Thyroid etc. We shall also manufacture products under license under our brand name.

To design, develop and market new patented technologies in the medical device field.

Our Vision

To be the Leading Rapid Test Kit Manufacturer in Malaysia in developing and manufacturing point-of-care medical diagnostic test kits that aid in the detection of infectious diseases and other conditions in humans.

Our focus is to provide excellent product quality, together with unbeatable Customer Service.

Customer satisfaction is our mission.